The Boxcar Café at Railroad Park

Looking for a relaxing, outdoor venue where you can enjoy delicious food and warm sunshine? Look no further than The Boxcar Café at Railroad Park! Located in "Birmingham's Living Room," The Boxcar Café offers various menu options. Whether you are looking to enjoy a nice lunch or needing your event catered, The Boxcar Café is the place for you! The Café is open spring through fall and for special events. If you are interested in more information about the Boxcar Café, including the latest update regarding hours of operation, please call The Boxcar Café at (205) 521-9945.

Note: Due to the nature of its outdoor seating arrangement, the Café may not be open during inclement weather. Should you have any questions, please call (205) 521-9945.

The Boxcar Café is located on the 17th Street Plaza underneath the pavilion.