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Railroad Park Reservation Rules

Note: Railroad Park reserves the right to refuse usage to any individual, organization or event. The usage of Railroad Park will not be denied based on reasons of race, sex, national origin or other illegal basis.

Railroad Park, grounds and the facilities located thereon are open to the public for its use and enjoyment. Railroad Park cannot therefore ensure the safety of any property left by any one on or about its grounds, property or in any facilities located thereon. The Railroad Park Foundation hereby states that it, its Directors, officers, agents or employees are not responsible for any losses due to theft, accident, fire or through any other act or circumstance for any items left on the premises of the Railroad Park, grounds or any facility located thereon by any person, company or corporation, whether for the use by any person, company or corporation, lessee of such facilities, invitee, guest or caterer of any person, company or corporation or other such person using or visiting or otherwise on the property, grounds or facilities of the Railroad Park. Should any person choose to leave any item of personal property on the grounds or property of this facility, it will be at their own risk should a loss occur.